Prepare Your Landscape Plants for Winter

Constant shifts between freezing and thawing combined with cold, dry air and wind can all take a toll on landscape plants.  Here are three simple ways to help the plants and trees in your landscape remain healthy through the winter:


1. Fertilizing

Fertilizing the plants and shrubs in your yard is an easy way to boost their health.  Applying anytime between now and spring whenever the ground is not frozen allows the plants to absorb the nutrients they need to thrive when spring returns.

There are two ways to fertilize plants: deep root injection of liquid fertilizer and granular fertilization. Granular is the most common and cost-effective method. When deciding on what fertilization product or method to use, it is usually best to talk with a lawncare professional in your geographic area.


2. Moisturizing for Evergreens

Because evergreens do not go dormant during the winter, it is critical to make sure they receive enough moisture.  This is especially important for plants between one and three years old.  One way to provide hydration through the cold and dry months is to pour buckets of water around the base of a tree, creating a moisturizing ice layer.  If the ice thaws, simply pour more water.


3. Protecting Evergreen Foliage

Due to the cold, dry air and wind of winter, evergreens lose moisture through their foliage.   Using a product that coats an evergreen with an insulating film can help the plant stay hydrated. TransFilm by Gordon’s Professional is one specific product that offers this protection.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss the best ways to protect your plants this season, call us at 260-489-2500, contact us via our website at, or simply reply to this post.

May your lawn bring you joy!

The Crown and Blade Team

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