Perimeter Pest Control

Cool weather is here, and that means bugs are beginning their migration from outside to the cozy warmth of your home.

Extreme temperature shifts and moisture changes in the environment are factors that influence when pests seek shelter.  How can you best prevent insects from settling where they’re unwanted during the cold months ahead?

Exterior perimeter pest control is an easy solution to the problem of crawling insects. This type of treatment creates a barrier that keeps bugs where they belong – outside of your house!

Here are a few factors to consider for effective perimeter pest control:

1.    Application consistency is important to maintain an effective barrier throughout the season. The best application times are early and late spring as well as early and late fall.

2.   Not all products are equal. For example, concentration rates of the active ingredients vary.  Also, some products include unique ingredients such as a polymer coating that protects the active ingredients from weather, irrigation, and abrasion.   This coating increases the amount of time a product will be effective.

3.   Treatments are effective for crawling insects as they come into physical contact with the product. Flying insects and insects that drop from trees do not cross the ground barrier and therefore can enter the home through other contact points.

The Perimeter Pest Control program we use typically includes four applications to maintain an effective, season-long barrier. Our technicians spray around the entire exterior foundation of the home paying special attention to access points or openings. The product we use includes a polymer coating to protect against weather and abrasion. It is also safe for children and pets.

If you would like to discuss perimeter pest control for your property, call us at 260-489-2500, contact us via our website at, or simply reply to this post.

May your lawn bring you joy!

The Crown and Blade Team

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