Current Conditions

Summer 2018 has been a challenge for lawn care…

Drought conditions, fungal issues, and disease are just a few of the problems we have seen in the past few weeks. We know the health of your lawn is important to you, so we have listed some techniques to give you an edge on the summer lawn stress.

What are the Current Conditions?

Condition 1: Hot and Dry Temperatures.

How can you best care for your lawn during the intense summer heat?  We advise the following watering and mowing methods:

Watering Techniques

  • If you have an irrigation system, increase your water budget to 120-125% as soon as possible.
  • Water starting at 4:30-5 a.m. in the morning – even though it’s hard to schedule, this timing is best for your lawn.
  • Water four times per week for longer periods of time – this method will promote deeper root growth and give the lawn an opportunity to dry out as opposed to watering everyday for short periods of time.
  • Don’t water in the heat of the day or evening – only water in the morning.

Mowing Tips

  • Mow at a 4” height – the height of your mower should be adjusted for different seasons.
  • Sharpen mower blades.
  • Only mow after rain – don’t mow when it’s hot or dry.
  • Recycle or side discharge your clippings – the lawn will stay cooler with a cover.
  • Don’t mow when the turf is wet – this can spread diseases and fungus.

Condition 2: Disease and Fungal Issues

We have noticed two common problems in recent months:

Red Thread

Red Thread is caused by a fungus grown on infected blades of grass.  Once the fungal threads are developed, patches of grass will appear to be tinged with a shade of red or pink.

Brown Spot

As its name indicates, brown spot appears on lawns in the form of a dark ring around brown or dead patches of grass.  It thrives in high humidity making lawns a perfect target in the summer.

The best way to approach fungal issues or disease is to call us If you see unusual spotting or activity in your lawn. We will be happy to evaluate and offer advice.  Make sure to follow our above watering techniques to help avoid fungal growth.

If you would like to contact us or learn more about different lawn conditions, we are delighted to share with you.  Call us at 260-489-2500, contact us via our website at, or simply reply to this post.

May your lawn bring you joy!

The Crown and Blade Team